The Easiest Part about Dying…

Let me level with you all! This has been weighing in my heart for a while:

“The easiest thing about dying is actually dying.”

It is not my intent to be grim but I’ve had a few deaths around me this year that have hit home. Some were family members, some were close friends – all of which makes you realize not only that life is too short, but that tomorrow is never promised.

However, what is more painful besides actually losing a loved one, is the fact that many died without a plan – WHY???!!!

And what is more annoying is the cultural believe that talking about death is a taboo topic! What should be taboo is not openly talking about your affairs with your family! 

Friends don’t let friends be without a plan! So, let me enlighten you on a few numbers:

– Avg. Funeral Costs: $10,000 – $25,000
– Avg. Credit Card Debt: $8,000 – $10,000
– Avg. Mortgage/Rent Payment: $1,500/Mo (Including Escrow)
– Avg. Utilities Expense: $600/Mo (Water, Light, Cable)
– Avg. Cell Phone Expense: $100/Mo
– Avg. Car Payment: $200/Mo
– Avg. Car Insurance: $150/Mo
– Avg. College Tuition: $20,000 per year
– Avg. Grocery Run: $150/Week

*** Note above are AVERAGES *** Some of us have higher expenses than others.

Now let’s get real… Imagine losing the breadwinner or a partner who helps with a good percentage of the household income… Imagine losing the child that takes care of you… Imagine leaving your spouse to take care of your kids on their own…

How long can you stay in your current home? Are you able to pay for funeral costs and other debts in a lump sum? Can you afford kid’s college tuition? If you are a stay home mom, can you afford to put your kids in daycare or aftercare while you find work? If you are still dependent on your parents, can you take care of their affairs if something happens to them? If your parents depend on you, can they easily make the transition to live independently?

Don’t put your loved ones under duress! Life Insurance is not what it used to be. Most people think the cannot afford a policy but the truth is, what you cannot afford is not having any type of protection.

If you can afford Netflix, Hulu, Starbucks, Phone Insurance, Premium Cable Channels, Makeup, Jewelry, Shoes, Game Subscriptions, Fantasy Game Leagues, Movies, or Eating Out – YOU CAN AFFORD LIFE INSURANCE!

Most people can get a simple $50,000 Accident Coverage for less than $10/month. And you can buy it with Return of Premium so you have nothing to lose! By the way, everyone in your family should be protected. Life Happens!!!

Don’t make “GoFundMe” your only alternative to cover final expenses. Make a plan! Talk it over with your loved ones, show them you care by protecting their well-being in the future.

It does not hurt to talk to an agent to find out what you should do. You should even talk to a few. All agents are not equal and we all have different carriers we represent. We won’t run your credit or ask you for your personal information until you are ready to complete the application process.

ASK QUESTIONS, BE INFORMED! And part of your plan needs to include setting up a Will, Trust, POA, and Health Care Directives which can be done online and at a very low cost!

Do it while you are still Young, Healthy – and ALIVE!

And of course, tell your loved ones how much you love them everyday. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Take Risks. Have less fears and more courage. Don’t be afraid about what you may lose but instead what you can gain.


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