Life Insurance 101 – Emergency Preparedness

Life Insurance Awareness Month #LIAM
Well OK, I’m biased on this topic today because I live in Florida and we seem to be in the path of Hurricane Irma. Please pray for us. Dealing with mother nature is never an easy task.

The topic of Emergency Preparedness does encompass Life Insurance. Why?

Before the storm:
Over 55K deaths have been registered a year from accidents that occur because of people falling off from ladders and other events when installing protection to their homes.

During the storm:
There are always brave souls surfing on the rough seas or walking the streets in the middle of a storm. The chances of drowning, being struck by lightning, or getting hit by debris increases with the strength of a storm.

After the storm:
The # 1 cause of death after the storm is electrocution from down power lines. And it does not have to be close to you. If it falls on water or on a metal fence, it can transmit strong electricity current across a great distance.

The recovery process can also be tough if you didn’t have a plan. Dealing with loss of power, scarce food and fuel, and property damage is not easy. Make every effort to document all damage timely and do your best to mitigate further damage.

Some Life Insurance carriers provide additional benefits including Emergency Relief. Some will pay between $300 – $1,500 cash to help you after a storm. Let’s check your policy today for these benefits!

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